About Us

Homeware Direct are a reseller and distributor of various Homeware and Houseware products.

We import some of our lines and buy from branded distributors.

We have both warehousing and customer service solutions based in the South East of England and distribute or ship our products all around the UK, Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland, Channel Island and highlands as well as to the main countries within Europe.

We try our best to be as competitive on prices as possible AND we DO have an excellent customer service record, as our ratings on Ebay show.

Our ranges are growing and expanding all the time, as are our product categories.

So please keep an eye on our ranges.

Apart from the items you see in the banner above remember that we sell products ranging from personal gifts, watches and clocks, garden and outdoor, small and large appliances, childrens and educational products, BBQ's and accessories and much, much more!