iDECT Eclipse Plus Dect Phone with Call Blocker - Twin, Black

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  • Nuisance call blocker
  • 20 black list and 20 white list numbers
  • Digital answer machine
  • 124 name and number memory
  • Backlit LCD display

The Eclipse Plus

The Eclipse Plus is a DECT phone which consists of a base unit and a handset embedded together in a single and continuous ellipsoidal form factor. The curved contours combined with the visual absence of keypad and screen contribute to its minimalistic and sculptural aspect.

The Eclipse Plus is not only a home phone, it also looks like a household ornament.


The main features include a built-in digital answer machine, 200 name and number phonebook and hands-free speakerphone.

The Eclipse Plus lets you see the Caller ID* via the LCD screen. Also it stores the last 10 incoming call details.

The hands-free speakerphone function on the handset, allows you to have the ability to multi-task as you will not need to hold the phone directly against you ear, so whether you are doing the washing up or ironing your clothes, you can continue to enjoy calls with your friends and family.

The Eclipse Plus also features a 30 minute long digital answer machine. Messages can be played back through the handset.

Nuisance Call Blocker

This model comes with an integrated Nuisance Call Blocker technology, letting you manage your phone calls effectively and effortlessly.

The Nuisance Call Blocker features lets you allocate 20 numbers to your black list and white list respectively. You can choose the mode you wish to enable via your handset settings.

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