Pro-Elec 2000W 19" Floor Standing PTC Tower Fan Heater - Black

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  • 2 Fan heat settings 1200W / 2000W
  • PTC ceramic heating element
  • Automatic oscillation function
  • Safety over heating protection
  • Safety tip over switch
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Power light indicator

How much will it cost? ----- (because its efficient!) - Lowest setting: Just 17p per hour! - Highest setting: Just 28p per hour! And up to 50% cheaper at off-peak times! (Based on standard average rate of unit electricity cost at point of listing)

Heats up your room without those nasty side effects, like headaches and eye strains from other conventional household heaters

This heater is compact yet stylish which makes it ideal for the home or office without taking up too much space.

Low noise operation compared to conventional noisy fan heaters which you can buy cheap = less converted wasted sound · Its calm blow style of heating means no eye strain when you are not focusing on the heater = no converted wasted light energy (like conventional halogen heaters)

Instant operation means it doesn't take a long time to heat up when you are cold compared to standard oil filled radiators. In addition when you are feeling hot it doesn't take a long time to cool down which can be a bit annoying with conventional oil filled radiators! Plus they are bulky and heavy!

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