Bobble Presse Coffee Cup Red

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  • Brew, press & go for the perfect cup of coffee every time
  • Add medium-coarse freshly ground coffee and hot water to outer tumbler After 3 minutes, push down the inner press
  • Enjoy coffee right from the presse! Coffee stays hot and delicious for hours
  • Micro-filter prevents overbrewed bitterness and grit
  • 3-wall insulation keeps your coffee hot for hours
  • No plastic pod or paper filter waste
  • Made of food-grade 304 stainless steel and food-grade, high-temperature silicone
  • Top-rack dishwasher safe

Bobble is a patented, reusable water bottle that filters water as you drink. It was created by Move Collective, LLC, and designed by famed industrial designer Karim Rashid. Bobble is intended to give consumers an environmentally friendly replacement to single-serve plastic water bottles, most of which end up in the ocean, on the street or in landfills.

If you love to start your day with a fresh cup of ground filter coffee but don't want to compromise on time, then coffee express is the convenient, fast and cost effective way of enjoying affordable, great tasting, fresh coffee on the go

In just 3 minutes, you can have your favorite coffee made exactly how you want it. once pressed, just add the lid and your coffee is ready to roll.

With unique micro-filter separates grounds from finished coffee and traps them at the bottom to stop brewing immediately when pressed. No bitterness and no grounds in your teeth.

3 layers of insulation means your coffee stays hot for your commute and into your day. Best part? The outside stays cool - hot coffee, cool fingers.

No flimsy screen that gets clogged with coffee grounds, no worries about breaking the glass part of your press. Clean with soap & warm water, and it's ready to brew the next cup.


  • Add Medium-Coarse Freshly Ground Coffee And Hot Water To Outer Tumbler
  • Unique Micro-Filter That Separates Grounds From Finished Coffee, Trapping Them At The Bottom To Stop Brewing
  • Immediately When Pressed, Leaving No Bitterness
  • After 3 Minutes, Push Down The Inner Press
  • Enjoy Coffee Right From The Presse! Coffee Stays Hot And Delicious For Hours
  • Micro-Filter Prevents Overbrewed Bitterness And Grit
  • 3-Wall Insulation Keeps Your Coffee Hot For Hours


  • Dimensions: 182mm x 91mm x 91mm

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