Russell Hobbs Digital Searing Slow Cooker 22750, 6 L - Stainless Steel

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  • 6 L slow cooker, extra large to cook up to eight portions of food
  • Includes a searing pot that can be removed and used on a gas or electric hob for browning meat
  • Digital control with adjustable heat, adjustable time and delay timer
  • Three heat settings - high, low and warm
  • Removable pot and lid for easy cleaning

Russell Hobbs 22750 6 L Digital Slow Cooker with Searing Pot

The Russell Hobbs 22750 6 L digital slow cooker with searing pot offers precision and convenience for achieving optimal tenderness and maximum taste. If you have a busy day ahead, simply prep your ingredients and put them in the slow cooker. Your dinner will be cooking whilst you’re out, giving you a delicious home cooked meal for when you arrive back. Additionally, the programmable delay timer allows you to dictate when the slow cooking will start - you can add your ingredients way in advance yet ensure the food won’t be overdone and will be cooked just how you like it.

The aluminium pan also allows you to sear your meats on the hob, without having to use a separate pan. Then you simply transfer the cook pot back to the slow cooker and use as normal, resulting in less mess and saved time.

Results are succulent, juicy stews and hearty hotpots with next to no effort.


The slow cooker from Russell Hobbs has a huge 6 L capacity ensuring you will always have enough space to cook up plenty of culinary delights for the entire family - maybe even the neighbours

Heat Settings

The Russell Hobbs 22750 digital slow cooker has easy to use digital controls, boasting three different heat settings; high, low and auto. The auto setting automatically switches your machine from high temperature to low in order to prevent overcooking of more delicate foods.

Aluminium Searing Pot

For versatility, the Russell Hobbs 22750 features a non-stick aluminium pot, which allows you to sear your meats directly on a hob prior to slow cooking. No additional pan is needed, meaning there is less mess and less washing up. It’s also ease to clean and is dishwasher safe too

Viewing Lid

The designers at Russell Hobbs have given the 22750 slow cooker a glass lid so that you can view the progress of your cooking.

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